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Strength in Weak Twits (ties)

I’ve always been interested in Mark Granovetter’s theory around the “Strength in Weak Ties.” In the 1970s he asked a group of people about how they had got their job. Of those who found jobs through personal contacts 55.6% reported seeing their contact occasionally (more than once a year, but less than twice a week) […]

Keeping Score?

There’s a small news story in today’s FT Weekend about BNI (Business Network International) making an award to the UK’s most successful networker. Step forward 36-year-old Simon Johnson, who is a flooring specialist from East Anglia. The story is on the FT website – but you will need to register to get access. The story […]

Connectors – to be, o...

In building your Personal Network, it is important to identify early on whether you are a “Connector” … or you need to find “Connectors” to help your network grow. The key principle is that there are a small number of people that are the centre of the social scene and seem to “know everyone”. We […]

Ugandan Children Walking Mi...

THIS POST WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON THE CRICKET WITHOUT BOUNDARIES UGANDA SPRING 2012 BLOG If there is one over-riding impression of Uganda – it is the commitment of school children to their education. They literally walk miles to and from school – and during the Cricket Without Boundaries project we have witnessed their thirst for […]

Photographs and Memories &#...

I seem to have spent all my free time in the last few weeks pouring through boxes of photos. These aren’t from my career as a professional photographer – they are my personal “snaps” and crates full of family photographs stored by my father up until he passed away a few years ago. We are […]