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It's Complicated

I’m feeling the pressure. I’ve set my self this task of understanding the dynamics and value of Personal Networks. And – it’s complicated. I started the process by devouring as many books as I could on the subject – the bookshelf continues to fill, but I seem to find less and less time to absorb […]

Social Actualizers –...

It’s been over 15 months since John Lynch and I started work on developing out startup business, Climbing Fish. In that time, we have run a full pilot in Bath, UK – and spent a lot of time working out what our business is about. In recent times, our focus has been on who are […]

I’d like to open a jo...

Social Media has revolutionised the way we interact with our family, friends, contacts and acquaintances. We now have tools at our finger tips that help us to socialise, connect and share. However, I feel the system has become a little flawed – because it doesn’t seem to work when we start to combine our on-line […]

Dark Side of the Moon

Sorry for the unusually long gap in blog posts. I have two excuses – firstly, I’ve become a bit of an obsessive twitter user … and secondly, I had a bad dose of “Man Flu”! During my convalescence, I did manage to catch a really good Sky Arts documentary on Pink Floyd’s creation of Dark […]

Exploring Narcissism –...

Building my personal website has been a stressful experience. It has produced frequent crisis of confidence. I’m not naturally a self-promoter – and I blush as I write this article about narcissism. My “bible” during the build has been Lynda Gratton’s book – “The Shift: The Future of Work is already here”. It’s an excellent, […]