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LinkedIn – to What?

You can tell that I am struggling to get through my summer book pile! Reverted to doing some “research” on Personal Networks on YouTube this afternoon. Take a look at this video from SuperNews – didn’t know whether to laugh or cry (so, just cried laughing!) UPDATE:  I found this when on-line abroad – and […]

We’re all Social Capi...

I’ve been following the news about the various anti-capitalist protests around the world. We’ve even had one sprout up in the middle of Queen Square in Bath! It got me thinking – that maybe we should be careful about how to use the terms capital, capitalism and capitalist. Capital isn’t just money! As you will […]

It's Complicated

I’m feeling the pressure. I’ve set my self this task of understanding the dynamics and value of Personal Networks. And – it’s complicated. I started the process by devouring as many books as I could on the subject – the bookshelf continues to fill, but I seem to find less and less time to absorb […]

Visualising Who You Know &#...

I just checked my LinkedIn home page – and one of my connections had commented on a video by a new business called Viewdle. Take a look at it below:- Absolutely brilliant, mind-boggling video. Before I get on to the rest of the blog, here were the first two comments on my LinkedIn page about […]

Ugandan Children Walking Mi...

THIS POST WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON THE CRICKET WITHOUT BOUNDARIES UGANDA SPRING 2012 BLOG If there is one over-riding impression of Uganda – it is the commitment of school children to their education. They literally walk miles to and from school – and during the Cricket Without Boundaries project we have witnessed their thirst for […]