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Conversations, Connections,...

I love the power of connection. Opening up to people and engaging in conversation just seems to spring connections and opportunities. Last week, I went to a Meetup with the folks from Conversations New York. Two of the members were kind enough to invite me (and my co-founder of Climbing Fish, John Lynch) along to […]

The Conversations of New York

I’m enjoying using Meetup while in New York. There’s a constant flow of opportunities to find interesting people at events large and small in Manhattan. The alerts come through regularly during the day – and I am always surprised at the wide range of interests. I suppose that’s the beauty of living in a big city. At […]

Keeping Score?

There’s a small news story in today’s FT Weekend about BNI (Business Network International) making an award to the UK’s most successful networker. Step forward 36-year-old Simon Johnson, who is a flooring specialist from East Anglia. The story is on the FT website – but you will need to register to get access. The story […]

What’s your Art?, The...

I’m in New York for a couple of months, working on a combination of business and personal projects.  I’m loving the experience….. The year started with a chance to see one of my favourite authors, Seth Godin, speak about his new book “The Icarus Deception”.  The Video below gives you a nice flavour of what […]

Mitch Joel – “N...

I’ve been considering blogging seriously for probably 6 months. Lots of reading and research later – the final push has come from Mitch Joel’s excellent book “Six Pixels of Separation”. I’ve said to my colleagues working on VizWho that once I’d finished his book – I would finally get cracking on the blog I’ve been […]