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Networking – you can&...

My google alerts on “Personal Networks” and “Personal Network Value” bring me some interesting nuggets – and take me to some off-beat places. Today I’ve spent some time in the “Career Talk for Women” section of Forbes magazine!! My exploration of Personal Networks has been focussed around visualisation and values – but this blog post […]

I’m Driving John Home

This week I went to a networking evening in Bristol called South West Founders. I’ve been meaning to go for ages – since moving to Bath earlier in the year. I finally got around to it because I’d planned to meet with a friend, John Lynch, for a few beers – and we decided a […]

Welcome to my blog about Pe...

Hello!  This blog is intended to track my journey trying to understand how Personal Networks work, their value to us as individuals (my hunch they might be our most important asset!) – and whether there is a way to make sense of them visually. I’m not a serial networker – I have less than a […]

Penpals & Pensioners

Starting a new venture around Personal Networks has been a topic of conversation around the family dinner table. Our children (aged 11 & 12) are fascinated by mum and dad considering working again – after nearly 5 years of being “funemployed”. Also, we met up with with Carrie’s parents this week for supper – and […]

Conversations, Connections,...

I love the power of connection. Opening up to people and engaging in conversation just seems to spring connections and opportunities. Last week, I went to a Meetup with the folks from Conversations New York. Two of the members were kind enough to invite me (and my co-founder of Climbing Fish, John Lynch) along to […]