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CNY Penn Meetup 2
The Conversations of New York

I’m enjoying using Meetup while in New York. There’s a constant flow of opportunities to find interesting people at events large and small in Manhattan. The alerts come through regularly during the day – and I am always surprised at the wide range of interests. I suppose that’s the beauty of living in a big city. At […]

Personal Space – jugg...

One of our family’s treats each year is to attend concerts at the Montreux Jazz Festival. We have been doing this for the last 4 festivals – seeing acts ranging from Adele to Status Quo to Mumford & Sons to Mark Ronson to Alicia Keys. Our children started doing this when they were 9 & […]

Don't Keep Score ̵...

As mentioned in my previous post – I’ve been reading (and getting inspired by) Keith Ferrazzi’s book “Never Eat Alone”. Some of the presentation is definitely aimed at the US market (who are much more “forward” than us shy/retiring Brits) – but the principles dealt with in the book are excellent. There are several areas […]

Inequality – “W...

I’m just coming to the end of my 2 month stay in New York City. It’s been a great place to explore the theory behind my startup business, Climbing Fish. I’m even more convinced that it’s quality connections and conversations that help people to do great things (and for some reason we have stopped doing […]

Gentle Networking

As you will know from previous posts – I really like the work/blogs/books of Chris Brogan. He’s just launched a new blog called Escape Velocity – and one of the first blog posts he has created is about “Gentle Networking”. I can’t think of a better term to describe “how to” develop a Personal Network. […]