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Gentle Networking

As you will know from previous posts – I really like the work/blogs/books of Chris Brogan. He’s just launched a new blog called Escape Velocity – and one of the first blog posts he has created is about “Gentle Networking”. I can’t think of a better term to describe “how to” develop a Personal Network. […]

What will little Johnny be...

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about my least favourite question – “what do you do?”. I am, like many parents, guilty of mulling over with friends and family the question of what our sons and daughters will be when they grow up. On reflection, it’s a question of a different age – and […]

My Network Value – £...

I stumbled across a fun “tool” run by Xing called “My Network Value”. If you get a chance, have a play – it takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Here is my result – and I’m over £2.5m richer than I thought I was!!! Have a play – and let’s compare results. I think […]

I’m Driving John Home

This week I went to a networking evening in Bristol called South West Founders. I’ve been meaning to go for ages – since moving to Bath earlier in the year. I finally got around to it because I’d planned to meet with a friend, John Lynch, for a few beers – and we decided a […]

LinkedIn – Love it or...

I’m in danger of becoming a bit of a Personal Network “bore”. At the moment, it is a novelty with friends and contacts to discuss the area of Personal Networking (they’ve been wondering when I would end my prolonged spell of “funemployment”) – and I’m really enthusiastic to chat! Here are a couple of example […]