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Ryan Giggs meets Nelson Mandela - Pic Phil O'Brien/EMPICS/PA Sport
Off to Africa – last...

I’m off to Africa! I’m travelling as a volunteer for the charity Cricket without Boundaries (quite similar to the charity I founded/chair in the UK – Belvoir Castle Cricket Trust). I’m not sure that Uganda’s children are ready for my very limited cricketing skills – but I hope I can help. The last time I […]

CNY Penn Meetup 2
The Conversations of New York

I’m enjoying using Meetup while in New York. There’s a constant flow of opportunities to find interesting people at events large and small in Manhattan. The alerts come through regularly during the day – and I am always surprised at the wide range of interests. I suppose that’s the beauty of living in a big city. At […]

The Tipping Point – M...

Now this book is a little older than my previous review (first published in 2000).  It’s a great read – not just for the insight to certain elements of Personal Networks.  If anyone wants to get a better understanding of psychology, how to be a better parent … or maybe even make significant changes in […]

Surreal Friday – Nove...

Friday 11/11/11 will go down as one of the most surreal of my life. The day started with a look through my twitter feed on Flipboard. Lo and behold, I discovered the ideal Christmas present my Angry Birds addicted wife – “The Angry Boobs Bra: For Ultimate Angry Birds Fans”. The site that was selling […]

“Mild Rage” ...

During our conversations about Climbing Fish (the start up I am working on with John Lynch) – a friend used the phrase “mild rage”. Somehow it’s stuck – and become a term we use when we describe how people feel when they are not using their genius. We’re currently using it prominently on our holding […]