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Welcome to my blog about Pe...

Hello!  This blog is intended to track my journey trying to understand how Personal Networks work, their value to us as individuals (my hunch they might be our most important asset!) – and whether there is a way to make sense of them visually. I’m not a serial networker – I have less than a […]

Inequality – “W...

I’m just coming to the end of my 2 month stay in New York City. It’s been a great place to explore the theory behind my startup business, Climbing Fish. I’m even more convinced that it’s quality connections and conversations that help people to do great things (and for some reason we have stopped doing […]

Dark Side of the Moon

Sorry for the unusually long gap in blog posts. I have two excuses – firstly, I’ve become a bit of an obsessive twitter user … and secondly, I had a bad dose of “Man Flu”! During my convalescence, I did manage to catch a really good Sky Arts documentary on Pink Floyd’s creation of Dark […]

Connectors – to be, o...

In building your Personal Network, it is important to identify early on whether you are a “Connector” … or you need to find “Connectors” to help your network grow. The key principle is that there are a small number of people that are the centre of the social scene and seem to “know everyone”. We […]

Bath – Old and Cool

It’s been interesting to read the comment pieces by Greg Ingham and David Maher Roberts in the Bath Chronicle over the past month. Bath = old people, or Bath = a cool place to do business? ‘Bath can be England’s tech capital’ Bath’s ‘tourist toytown’ image hits growth For my part, I am an entrepreneur […]