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Posh & Posher: Educatio...

Apologies for this very British post! Hopefully, the international audience of the blog will find it relevant and interesting too. The BBC broadcast a thought provoking programme this week – “Posh & Posher” presented by Andrew Neil (former editor of the Sunday Times). Although the programme focussed on the British Education system – and the […]

Friendship Overload –...

As I continue to research the dynamics of Personal Networks – I see a real issue looming of “friendship overload”. My last blog post included a quote from Identifii’s founder Usman Sheikh: Graduates have typically 6-800 friends on Facebook – it’s a new personal asset that this generation just takes for granted. It’s ‘just there!’. […]

Bath – Old and Cool

It’s been interesting to read the comment pieces by Greg Ingham and David Maher Roberts in the Bath Chronicle over the past month. Bath = old people, or Bath = a cool place to do business? ‘Bath can be England’s tech capital’ Bath’s ‘tourist toytown’ image hits growth For my part, I am an entrepreneur […]

I HATE Networking

Well, I’ve said it – “I HATE Networking”. You might find this strange coming from a guy who runs a blog called Personal Network and has been rambling on the subject on a regular basis for over 6 months. But I do! On Monday evening, I went along to an event in Bath (soon to […]

We’re all Social Capi...

I’ve been following the news about the various anti-capitalist protests around the world. We’ve even had one sprout up in the middle of Queen Square in Bath! It got me thinking – that maybe we should be careful about how to use the terms capital, capitalism and capitalist. Capital isn’t just money! As you will […]