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Climbing Fish - Darwin's Adaptors
Generation Flux – Dar...

There was an article in the Huffington Post today by Fast Company Editor Robert Safian. It’s a brilliant post on many levels. It captures much of my feeling about the future of work, it quotes heavily DJ Patil (who I have written about on other occasions) – and in “Generation Flux” (twitter hashtag #genflux) it […]

I HATE Networking

Well, I’ve said it – “I HATE Networking”. You might find this strange coming from a guy who runs a blog called Personal Network and has been rambling on the subject on a regular basis for over 6 months. But I do! On Monday evening, I went along to an event in Bath (soon to […]

Mia, the rainshower, the Ye...

Well, earlier in my blog, I did mention that I had a tenuous link to a person in my PNN (“Personal Network” Network). Mia de Kuijper is a world leading economist/strategist – with strong view on “power nodes”. I have actually met Mia once – and reading her book “Profit Power” my thinking change from […]

Twittering and a Dunbar dis...

Well – I’ve finally done it! I’m on twitter… I’ve got to bolt the doors to the house tonight – because about 6 months ago I did tell a couple of friends that “If I ever start twittering – please shoot me!”. It’s part of my research – so finally, I’ve taken the plunge. If […]

Where you live – crea...

The place you live is mostly associated with quality of environment. However, you can’t underestimate the effect it has on your ability to create. I listened in to a BBC Radio 2 interview by Chris Evans with Victoria Wood the other day. They were discussing the creative process and Wood said: “If you have no […]