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Small Worlds, Connecting th...

It never ceases to amaze me how the world connects. The “dots” we create as we meet people, take on new experiences and generally make our mark on the world often join together to create startling insights and opportunities. One of my favourite examples of this comes from Steve Jobs. If you get a chance, […]

Strength in Weak Twits (ties)

I’ve always been interested in Mark Granovetter’s theory around the “Strength in Weak Ties.” In the 1970s he asked a group of people about how they had got their job. Of those who found jobs through personal contacts 55.6% reported seeing their contact occasionally (more than once a year, but less than twice a week) […]

Penpals & Pensioners

Starting a new venture around Personal Networks has been a topic of conversation around the family dinner table. Our children (aged 11 & 12) are fascinated by mum and dad considering working again – after nearly 5 years of being “funemployed”. Also, we met up with with Carrie’s parents this week for supper – and […]

Souls, The Devil & Tox...

This is the first blog post at my new home of Hello to former readers of the Personal Network blog – and welcome to new readers. I hope to cover a wider range of topics here. I am especially keen to comment on what is happening in the worlds of old, new and social […]

My Network Value – £...

I stumbled across a fun “tool” run by Xing called “My Network Value”. If you get a chance, have a play – it takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Here is my result – and I’m over £2.5m richer than I thought I was!!! Have a play – and let’s compare results. I think […]